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We are Prac Agribusiness, a company that markets Peruvian agricultural products to international markets. We have a wide range of experience in agribusiness and sales while meeting international market requirements.

With important supply points, we seek to contribute to the development of the Peruvian agro-industry and we aim to become one of the leading agro-industrial companies in Peru. Our production plant is located in Lambayeque while our administrative office is located in Lima. With professionalism and long-term orientation, we seek to contribute to our client’s objectives and achievements.


We aim to be the most reliable supplier for our clients.


We are a company that processes and markets Peruvian agricultural products to clients from all over the world. Based on wide knowledge and our commitment, we seek to contribute to our client’s objective achievements as well as establish long-term business relationships.


In Prac Agribusiness, we work with processing plants and warehouses enabling us to process and stock large amounts of products under methods that allow us to meet our client’s demands and exigencies.


We obtain our supply from small farm communities and important Peruvian farm companies. In order to offer the best products to our clients, we have a rigorous selection process when it comes to our suppliers and raw materials.


Social Responsibility

Our production plant is located in Zaña, a small town near Chiclayo city, in the region of Lambayeque. In fact, our employees come from Zaña and its surrounding towns. Their welfare, as well as the population of Zaña and its surrounding towns, is one of our main concerns. Therefore, in Prac Agribusiness we have contributed the following to them:

  • Provisioning of all infrastructure needed for access to light, water and sewerage services to Cacerío La Otra Banda town.
  • Clearance of 700 land hectares that belonged to small peasants creating employment to more than 300 local families.
  • Creation of more than 30 qualified employments which allow local people to access all the employment benefits established by law as well as hygiene and sanitation capacity building.

Because of these contributions, all of our employees as well as the residents of Zaña, and its surrounding towns, can enjoy a better quality of living than what they have become accustomed to throughout years past. They are of great importance to us, which is why we constantly look to improve their welfare and quality of living every chance we get.


Prac Agribusiness S.A.C.

Calle López de Ayala 1447, San Borja.
Lima, Peru.